National Mall and Memorial Parks (NAMA)

* Photo Overload Alert *

Quinn escaped to the National Mall to see the cherry blossoms. The weather was great and it actually felt like Spring. After a long-long Winter, running around outside in the high sixties felt great!!!

Adventures started by visiting the Thomas Jefferson Memorial where Quinn received her Junior Ranger Badge for the National Mall and Memorial Parks. After that, we took a walk around the Tidal Basin to see how far along the cherry blossoms were in bloom. The journey continued to the Washington Monument where we played outside the construction zone for a fun spin and looking for pebbles.

Moving on towards the Lincoln Memorial we stopped by the World War II Memorial where we met Ranger Smithey. This kind park ranger helped Quinn acquire the Cherry Blossom Junior Ranger Badge that we had worked on prior to our visit. He even took the time to take a picture with Quinn even though she was worn out from running all around the Washington Monument. Ranger Smithey even told us of a tree with the most blooms of the season. We continued to the Lincoln Memorial where we snapped some photos and headed on to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. We then found the tree with the most blooms for some photos.

Overall, a great day to be outside! Quinn earned two more badges, bringing her total to 5 for this year. We saw the start of some beautiful cherry blossoms and look forward to next weekend to seeing even more. Happy Happy Spring! Enjoy the pics!

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