Outtakes – Quinn’s “One Year” Photoshoot

It may seem as though Quinn’s monthly photoshoots go off without a hitch, but before we get the right photo, Quinn sometimes has a few requirements. She usually wants to check out what is happening in another room, may want a certain object, and she might even need to get a hug from Mom before the right image is captured. As we prepared for her One Year photoshoot, we had some highs and we had some lows. Though the lows did not last very long, they did make for some comical images. Check out the outtakes! Enjoy!


DSC_3426 rs DSC_3502 rs DSC_3543 rs sq DSC_3580 rs DSC_3609 rs DSC_3672 rs

Then they all lead to a winner!

12 months A 12 months B 12 months C

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