We Love You Parker!

Parker Rief (June 6, 2003 – August 26, 2015)

The saddest day I could imagine is here. Today we lost our greatest and most loyal friend. Parker passed away this morning, just after 11am, surrounded by Meghan, Quinn and me. Parker was 12 years old, but was still a puppy at heart.

When Parker first began having seizures in January of this year, we thought that was it. We ran test after test to try to find out the root cause, but were never able to get a definitive diagnosis. Since those first horrifying weeks, we came to accept a new normal. Every day that we’ve had with Parker since then has been a blessing. More than eight months later, we felt we were on borrowed time with our favorite puppy. We are so thankful for that time.

I wanted to find an image that really defined Parker, and this one stands out. I took this photo of her when she was just a little pup. Parker and I were living in Greensboro, NC. It was her first snowfall. While I was working on the computer, she stood up to look out the window – so curious about the snow. I grabbed my camera and snapped this image. I loved the way she stood with her head pointing down, as she stared at a baby bird walking in the snow.  Oh – and that ear! I adopted this image as my logo, and it represents the heart of my photography. I think it’s only fitting to honor our Parker with this image.

Parker loved us and we loved her. She really was just full of love, which you already know if you knew her. Thank you to all our friends and family who got to spend time with her. We are grateful. We have so many great images that will keep her memory alive and vibrant. She was the best! We love you Parker!

Rest In Peace Parker “Spodie” Rief



Parker Window SO

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